Friday, December 14, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 14: Jeremy and Hollis

“Sausage balls aren’t good for you.”

“Egg nog is just empty calories.”

“Christmas cookies? MORE Christmas cookies?”

“Sugared pecans? Really?”

“You put that toffee down, Hollis!”

Hollis had had enough. Jeremy was taking this whole trainer-at-Christmas obsession too far. They were retired, now. If he gained five pounds at Christmas, he would work it off on Jeremy’s hot little ass.

He grabbed a joint, a bag of Doritos, and jar of really good olives, popped them in a box and stuck a bow on it.

“Jeremy? Baby? Come see what I got you!”


Jeremy and Hollis are from Living in Fast Forward. ;-)

Y'all know the drill.

Much love,



Katherine Halle said...

This was lovely :D

Anonymous said...

Heehee aaaaand now I know what I'm reading after Old Town New :D