Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Short Stories Out!

Hey, y'all! I have a Roughstock short and a Markus/Sebastian short out!

I wrote a first time with Sterling in Fever: In the Pocket and then Markus and Seb demanded a short, so I had to give in. :D 

I love writing the shorts, because I get to revisit old boys and I get to let the ones that don't have a whole novel in them a place to get out of my brain.


Remembering to Breathe -- a Markus/Sebastian story

When Markus sees Sebastian’s performance on TV, he knows they’ve been apart too long. These two semi-retired country stars need their alone time, and Markus is happy to provide it. He intends to give Sebastian just what the man needs, and it has nothing to do with pineapple.

Markus and Sebastian also appear in the novel Fighting Addiction.

Buy it here.

Fever inthepocket200

Sterling loves being a bullfighter, and he's good at it, too -- even his hero Coke Pharris says so. So what if maybe he has a crush on Coke, it's not like it's affecting his job or hurting anyone. Someone should tell that to Dillon, the clown and Coke's partner.

Colby Tyburn has been watching Sterling for months and hankering to meet the man. When Dillon introduces the two of them, sparks start to fly and just maybe, Dillon's not only distracted Sterling from his Coke, but done a fine bit of matchmaking while he was at it.

Also available in the Fever anthology.

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Katherine Halle said...

Congrats! These look really good :D

Anonymous said...

Have read both of these and loved them! I was especially thrilled to see Markus & Sebastian again as they are two of my favourite people.
By the way, did you ever find those pesky forks? ;-)