Saturday, March 15, 2014

What I'm Working on this Week

Active Writing:

Brazilian bull rider novella — discovered I have to write this one first so as not to spoil people...

Colts and Cowboys — another contemporary without a deadline

Serial killer book has a start O.o


On hold/in outline:

Coke/Dillon & Andy/Jason novel


In edits/rewrites:

Ace/Kitty in rewrites.

Games Girls Plays in editing.


At beta:

Better as a Memory 


At proofing:

Cat in a China Shop



Deconstructing Channing  :D


Waiting to contract:

Wolf Run.


Next week's plan?

More of the same, I think.



Much love, y'all.

1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

Looks like a good plan to me :D