Friday, September 18, 2015

Somewhere in New Mexico


I’m learning all about life in New Mexico. You see, I’m a Texan. Ask me about weird-assed random Texas facts — state bird? Got it. Name the major players of the Alamo? I can. 8 years of Texas history, y’all. 

Now I’m being educated about a whole new state of being.

For instance, did y’all know that the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe is the oldest government building in the country?


Source: Palace of the Governors, Facebook

Or that Doc Holliday was a dentist in Las Vegas, New Mexico (also, our Las Vegas is apparently older than the one in Nevada, also, they have a neat KOA)?


Source: Public Domain

I know, neat stuff, huh?

I’m in the middle of chile season (omg, wear gloves when peeling). I have only recently come into the joy that is green chile. Part of me still misses the red, but the wife is a green girl, all the way. 

Hence the green chile pumpkin soup of doom.


Much love, y’all.




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Katherine Halle said...

It's cool when you get to learn about new places!

And I'm still not sold on green chiles, but I do like them in some things.

HA HA OMG I learned the hard way about gloves /o\ Made guac with jalapeno's (numerous times & never had ANY problems) but ONE TIME I got the oil on my face and it took HOURS to wear off :(((( So gloves all the now baby LOL