Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Random Things about Julia and Me

1. We love weird, colorful vinyl tablecloths with the burning passion of a thousand suns. The current one is red paisleys.

2. We have never had a fight. In 12 years, not one. ;-)

3. We spend about 22 1/2 hours a day together. The exception is that we work out in the gym separately and J naps while I don't.

4. We have cushy chairs instead of dining room chairs. Everyone that sees them, loves them.

5. We love love love to play games, cards especially.

6. We talk to each other a lot. I mean a lot. We can tell each other stories, we discuss feminism and movies, books and food and politics and antiques and art and and and and...

7. We do 3 small projects and 1 large project around the house per month. In July we've currently painted the hallway and cleaned out the studio closet. We're making a compost pile and building J a workbench in the garage next. In August we're planning to fix the kitchen ceiling, clean out the guest bathroom closet, replace the front room curtains, and reorg the rolltop desk.

8. We collect things -- tables, witches, birds, hutches, turtles, hat pins, books, tea cups, Havilland, doll house furniture, Dr Who and Sherlock shit. All the things.

9. We play the What If game. We eavesdrop. We people watch. We tell each other stories all the time. I help J with plot. She helps me with pacing. We both know each other's stories like they're our own.

10. We love to cook together. We spend hours planning meals and chopping and tasting and singing loud (what? you don't have a Bose in the kitchen for cooking time?).


Much love, y'all!


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Katherine Halle said...

ARGH I had this open and never commented!!

We collect magnets, from just about every place we've been. In fact, now that we've moved, I'm preparing our magnet display, using cookie sheets!

We love to cook together too, although probably not as much as the two of you LOL. More so when we're having company. It's like an exceptionally choreographed dance in the kitchen and I love it.

Thanks for sharing all these little tidbits!