Friday, September 25, 2015

An Andrew Grey Story

So, normally I tell stories on my family, but Andrew has met both sets of parents, my sisters, one of my brothers, the nieces and he’s participated in a Squires family sing-along, so he qualifies as kin. 

Yeah, y’all can *totally* feel sorry for him. 

Andrew, Julia and I spent 10 days together this spring. We went to a softball game, 2 cons, Dallas, Greenville, Round Rock and Austin. 4 different hotels. Lots of time in Daddy’s truck and he met the horses (I have scars from the chiggers).

I have to tell y’all — I was *so* eager to get back to Austin. I love Austin. I miss it. I was right there.

Then I had J drive by my old house.

There’s a lot of shit that went down there, about 95% of it bad and about 3% of it brutal. 

I started crying.

I cried through the trip to the grocery store. I cried through supper. I cried on a phone call to my moma AND my daddy.

Then I went to give Andrew some Cokes and jellybeans, wherein I burst into tears AGAIN.

Andrew looked at me, hugged me, then said, “Well, going back there was stupid. Never go back. It’s not going to fix anything."

Then he sent me back to my wife with a pat on the back.

I stopped crying.

He’s a good man, Mr. Grey, and I love him dearly and am proud to call him family.

Much love, y’all.


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Katherine Halle said...

OH wow, what a great story! He sounds like a good man! I hope I get to meet him (and you obviously) some day.