Friday, December 4, 2015

Rainbow Brew: Brewing Inspiration

My wife, Julia, and I love to write together. We spent hours talking and plotting and wandering and wishing and doing "what if?"

"What if there was this guy?"

"What if there was this guy?"

"What if there was this guy?"

It's how we fell in love and we'll be doing it in our graves.

At any rate, we were exploring our new New Mexico home and we were screwing around in Santa Fe when we found this quirky, tiny little coffeeshop.

Coffeeshop of joy.

We went in, ordered coffee and sat down. It took about six seconds before the game to begin. What if there was a magical coffeeshop?

What if it was here?

What if it was a doorway between dimensions -- reality and... somewhere Between.

Somewhere special.

Somewhere outside of time.

What if...

What if the place was safe and good. A place of joy. A universe of acceptance and really good sex?

What if an architect and an artist met, right there? Between the Real and the Between?

Rainbow Brew was born and Brewing is the beginning. 


Ann Alaskan said...

Whoopee! Let me get my mocha & take me away!

Katherine Halle said...

OOH I love hearing things like this! Thanks for sharing the story. This is definitely on my TBR pile :D