Monday, March 14, 2016

Aussies and Texans and Babies and Falling In Love in the Center of a Storm


So, y’all.


Tomorrow is the day that y’all get to meet Holden and Lachlan. I keep trying to think about what all I want to tell you about these men, about the tropes and the plotting and, I got to be honest.
What I love about these boys is that, although they started out as a wild idea, they became real men who proved that they were willing to fight for what they love, what they believe in.

Lachlan’s from Queensland and he’s as much as cowboy as any Texan I’ve ever written. Now, he’s a cowboy with more money than he knows what to do with, money in a way that most of us just dream of. He’s lost his sister, he’s lost his way, and if he’s not careful, he’ll lose the best opportunity he’ll ever have.

Holden, now this man isn’t a bazillionaire, but he ain’t hurting. Not even close.

Well, he ain’t hurting for money. He just lost his twin brother and his beloved sister in law in a plane crash and now there’s this angel baby girl that’s his to raise and his soul is cracked clean down the middle.

Those of y’all that know me know that action adventure snuggles with the western and the only thing they come in second to is the love. This is a BA book — through and through. Stuff happens and as soon as one disaster hits, another comes on. No worries, though. My beloved boys are supported (and screwed with) by family and friends and cowboys that come out of the woodwork.

I hope y’all give Lachlan and Holden a chance and let them worm their ways into your heart like they did mine.

Official blurb:

One Aussie. One Texan. One baby. One hell of a fight.

When his sister and her husband are killed in an accident, Aussie cattle station owner Lachlan McCoughney rushes to Texas to rescue their infant daughter, Chloe. He expects to find his niece living in squalor with the Sheffields, a rodeo family.

Instead, Lachlan finds Holden Sheffield, a salt-of-the-earth cowboy running a huge business operation. They want to explore their mutual attraction despite the many problems thrown their way, and together, they must find a way to give Chloe a new family and find a love that spans thousands of acres and two continents.

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