Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reviews -- Good and Bad

As y'all know (or don't, I don't know), I don't read my reviews.Emails? Yes. Each and every one makes me a little fluttery, but reviewers are a different animal. Julia will tell me, periodically, if there's something in one that needs high-dollar attention -- specifically mistakes, but otherwise, I find that focusing on reviews stymies my creativity. Honestly, once the book is done, I'm done with it, I'm in a different head space and, as one of those OCD people, I can start in a cycle of worry, if I let myself. Also, that's what my editors are for -- if I'm making a huge mistake as a writer, I trust in them to rein my in -- but in the writing process, nope. I just let things happen and experience the joy of having the best job on earth.

Don't get me wrong, I love the job reviewers do and I read reviews when I'm hunting something to read -- even the ones that hate the things I write. There are many times something that someone can't bear in a review is something that's a huge hot button for me as a reader, so I'll go buy the book (or, as in the case of last weekend, the whole blasted series and devour all four in one night!)

As a writer, though, I have to live in another world. ;-)

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