Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So, what are y'all interested in seeing on a website?

Anyone? Beuller?

When I go to an author's webpage, I want to know about the books -- what's coming, what's happened -- but that's really about it. How 'bout y'all?


countrygirlxxoo said...

When an author has a series of books, I wish they would make a list of the reading order especially ones like your Roughstock series that are about different sets of characters. Also, the actual name of the series would be nice. You don't do this, but other authors do. I don't know how many times I've had to make up a series name because I wasn't able to find one so I can keep the books in order (because I'm anal about stuff like that). I also like Free Reads/Contests/Giveaways if you offer any.

StaceyR said...

Book covers. Current, upcoming. Listed in order of series definitely rocks.

Today I spotted a book on GoodReads that included an MJ and Sonny short story--Taste Test: Fireworks. I tried to find it over at Torquere, but it didn't come up. Is that book no longer available? Because, you know, I want it.

StaceyR said...

Forgot to include BUY and EXCERPT links. That's the main reason I visit any authors website--temptation and convenience.

I always dig it when the author's excerpt is different than the one listed at the publisher site--more to reel me in :)