Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sara's Cowboy

So, Sara's Cowboy.

What can I tell you about it? Sara and Cal were the first het (m/f) romance I wrote. I did it on a dare from my dear Julia. I grew up reading an odd mix of horror and Harlequin and I love romances. I love them no matter what the permutation of lovers are. But I wasn't sure I could do it, write a man meeting a girl and falling in love...

Then I met Sara. She hit me with the force of a runaway freight train -- wicked and smart, modern and fierce. I loved her on introduction (although I will immediately admit to her being one of my very few non-southern/cowboy characters. I had to work *so* hard on keeping her voice!). Then there was Cal.


Cal was grumpy and short-tempered and a touch rough and... Yeah.

Suddenly Sara and Cal weren't a dare anymore. Suddenly they were a couple with a life, with a love affair.

Suddenly they were a story.

I couldn't be more pleased to have them rereleasing with Resplendence. They've lived under a shadow for too long and I'm pleased as punch that they're out and available.

Oh, yeah. There's more books in the universe coming, too...

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