Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Men's Spanx? Really?

So I'm reading through my blog rolls, toodle toodle toodle, looking and laughing, innocently playing and then, BAM.


For boys.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a middle aged woman. I own shapewear. Hell, I own *spackle*, but I don't advertise. (Although I have a great story about Julia Talbot and a powerslip in San Antonio. Ask me about it sometime.)

But honestly, do men need this?


Can you imagine Dillon going up to Coke and handing him power panties?

Or Sonny wearing a girdle because he's poochy?

MJ: Here, Sunshine. It'll help the bullet bounce off your prodigious pooch?

Ack. The blood would fly.

(Although, I admit, I can imagine Galen wearing them. Once. Before Shane sets them on fire...)

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ElaineG said...

The truly sad thing about this is that they NEVER show someone that actually NEEDS one of these things....I mean do you see the abs on this dude? *sigh* What the hell would he be needing to hold in anyway lol!