Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy birthday to me! (Yesterday)

Wow. I’m 40. Four. Oh.

Does that make me old now? I don’t feel old. In fact, I’m feeling better every day.

You know how people say, I didn’t think I’d get this far? I really think I’d get this far.

This weekend started on Friday with a party, then Saturday there was pedicuritude. Sunday I got a loom from Julia, brunch at my favorite restaurant, and strawberry cupcakes. :D


Now I’ll have to make another goal. Live to 90, maybe?

Man, do y’all think I’ll still be writing smut then?


Ladycelt said...

Happy Birthday!! (and may you have many, many more years of writing ahead of you!!...ok, that was sort of a wish for us....but still!)

ElaineG said...

Happy Birthday! I found, once I hit 40 ( in 2009) it wasn't such a bad number afterall lol!

I HOPE you will be writin' smut when you are 90, cause I will certainly be reading it when I am 91!