Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boys in the Band rereleased!

Boys in the Band

Guitar player Spud is the go-to guy for the band, giving comfort and aid whenever and wherever he can. All that changes when the new guy, Caidon, comes aboard. Caidon wants to tour and play and he wants Spud, and he’s not afraid to go against the band to do it.

The guys in the band are not so pleased with the idea of Spud going monogamous, and they’re not sure they need Caidon interfering with any of the other band politics. Can Caidon and Spud get together to play beautiful music, or will they hit a sour note before they ever find common ground?

Originally published as the Chaser series Boys in the Band.

*grins* This one is a touch angstier than I usually write, but I loved these musicians with a fiery burning passion.

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