Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boardshorts and Cowboy Boots

Man, Julia and I went to the beach last week to recharge, relax, and write.

I goofed off a lot – cribbage games, bbqs, more shrimp than I could shake a stick at (and I can shake a stick). We spent a lot of time people watching and walking on the beach, ogling cowboys and surfers, fishermen and the cutest babies ever.

I did not sunburn; Julia did. I did some writing – not as much as Julia did. I did a lot of sleeping and recharging my batteries.

And winning cribbage games. I did a lot of that. ;-)

I’m considering revamping and redoing my newsletter, sharing news that way – because, y’all, I’ve got some news. :D A shared universe here, a new trilogy there.

Het westerns.


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