Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest Blog: Julia Talbot -- What happens when two stories want to have the same title?

Hey, y’all! BA is letting me play today, and I want to tell you a story! Well, more like an anecdote.

I was writing along on my story for the bar anthology, Bar None, which comes out this month from Torquere. The 25th, in fact, and has Sean Michael, BA Tortuga, Kiernan Kelly and me! Woo. Anyhoo, the working title for my story was the Full Moon Bar.

Can you tell it’s shifters?

But then? I had this idea for a paranormal dating service. And Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben was born. It came out last month, and has been a great seller, going to number 8 on All Romance’s bestseller, and number 45 on Amazon in gay romance. Again with the woo.



When Aiden and Ben came along, though, I had a quandary. Which one should I change? I wanted Full Moon to be the dating service, so I thought on Seamus and Hugh from the bar story. What suited them?

So, I decided that it would be a blue moon before a bear shifter and a wolf shifter bonded over getting beat up by a lion, and Blue Moon bar was born. I loved the idea of a hotheaded wolf shifter and this happy go lucky bear bartender, and I have to tell y’all, it’s funny and hot. I won’t spoil you, but it left me howling when I re-read it.

Barnone thebluemoonbar

So, that’s what happens when 2 stories want the same name. You let the boys fight it out, basing it all on who suits the title more. This way I got rid of the confusion and got at least one new series out of the deal!

Pretty good thing, if you ask me.

Thanks for hanging out, y’all!


Julia Talbot


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