Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Blog Post: Chris Owen and Tory Temple

Hi BA!


Thanks for inviting Tory and me to your blog. It's pretty cool in here, I gotta say. I like what you've done with the place. The dogs are a great touch.

Speaking of dogs, it's no secret that that we're all dog mad. Tory has three, I have two, you and Julia have your hands full as well; we all know how it goes with the pups around -- big messes, big noises, and big love. None of us would have it any other way, even on the days when I find yarn being turned into Ottawa's latest toy. Sydney would never do such a thing, thank goodness. And neither of mine are as smart as Tory's Justice -- that pit is far too smart for anyone's safety!

I guess that's why we have so many dogs in our stories -- they're such a huge part of our lives that we need to drag their personalities into everything we do. Q and her pups are good dogs, for the most part; Trey and Deuce have enough on their hands that they should be grateful for such mellow puppies, really. With a seven year old girl around there's enough mayhem. Well, the girl and her mom. And a wanna-be-grampy.

So, essentially, family is mayhem, which sounds just about right now that I see it written out.

Tory and I had a couple of guys, see? They were great together -- a fireman and his nerd, a nerd and his hero. They liked sex, they liked sex with each other. All was bliss. But then there was the complications of real life. Tory and I poked at them. Then poked harder. All that Trey and Deuce wanted to do, frankly, was have more sex, but we wanted more. Thankfully, they both had some strong feelings about Holly, Lacey, a blended family, and what people do in order to make each other happy.

It wasn't an easy story to write, aside from the fact that Tory and I love working together. The actual writing part is easy -- like breathing -- this story was a challenge. Neither of us comes from a blended family (we come from dogs!!), and it's been years since my children were seven. Tory, thankfully, spends a lot of time with seven year olds and got Lacey's voice easily. And Holly was a character we had to be very careful with; she is a woman who was hurt, a woman who was slightly bitter. Trey was very wary with her, giving their history, but I was stuck with Deuce and his dad. Two guys just grooving along and being all idealistic. Meanwhile, Tory and I were trying to make sure that we didn't paint Holly horribly while still making it clear that Trey had reason to be wary -- too far one way, he'd look silly, too far the other way and we'd wind up with Tory + Chris = misogyny and THAT wasn't going to happen, either. Poor Deuce just wanted everyone to get along and be happy! To my great glee -- and hopefully yours! -- Trey didn't just let that happen. :D

Of course, it's a romance. We can't fool you guys into thinking that the end of all the boys smooching is at hand. But we can give you a good story. :)

Tory and I hope you enjoy Adding it Up: By the Numbers II! It's available now at Torquere Press.

Best wishes and love to everyone!

Chris Owen

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