Sunday, December 8, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Eight -- Jason/Bax (part one)

"Shit, dude, the lights on the tree are wonky. You’re fucking with me, I know it." He’d dreamed about the tree last night and it had been clear as a bell. 

Well, except for the whole the tree was playing Freebird on a flaming electric guitar. That part had been…odd.

"The lights are fine." There was a familiar stubborn note in Bax’s voice, flat and hard.

"No, they’re not." He could be stubborn, too.

"Look, asshole, if you want them changed, you do it. I’m tired of doing all this shit on my own so that no one but me gets to see it." Jason heard Bax’s teeth click together hard, like the man was biting the words back, but there wasn’t any taking it back, not a bit. "Jase, I…" 

"Don’t. Just go away, man. Get in your truck and go to Hell." Because he couldn’t.

"Tiny, I’m sor…"

"GET OUT!" He screamed the words, grabbed the poky needles of the tree and pulled, the sounds of things breaking satisfying as fuck.

"You selfish bastard." The words were just breathed and then the door slammed shut, leaving Jason alone with all the shattered holiday shit.


Jason and Bax are the start of the Roughstock series with Blind Ride.