Monday, December 9, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Nine -- Jason/Bax (part two)

"He’s lost his mind, Gramps. Like lost it." Andy drove hard, going too fast, smoke pouring out of his cigarette like a chimney. He sucked. So hard. He’d just been…

Damn it.

"What happened?"

"He threw the Christmas tree."

"Ah." Like Coke could possibly fucking understand from that sentence. Goddamn it. "You want us to come out that direction? We could be there in… nine hours, give or take."

"No. No, man. I just… I was an asshole. I know I was. I’m just… It’s never going to get better."

"No. And if you can’t deal with that, then you got to say so."

"I deal. I deal just fine. I love him, you asshole! It’s just hard, putting all the shit up when he can’t see it!"

"So? Don’t. If you don’t like it and he can’t see it."

"It’s Christmas!" He was going to lose his shit. "Fuck off! We need Christmas!"

"Well, then…"

He just slammed the phone down, banging his hands down on the steering wheel and screaming, over and over.

Why the fuck did Jase have to dream about the tree? Why couldn’t the man see him?


Jason and Bax are the start of the Roughstock series with Blind Ride.


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