Saturday, December 14, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Fourteen -- Jason/Bax (part 7)

Jesus Christ on a candy cane, Christmas had exploded on their house.

Andy wandered around. Everything was spotless and sparking, the lights glowing. There was a huge pan of rolled enchiladas on the counter, along with queso and chips and there was a fucking cherry pie, too.


Jase hired folks to do this.


Jason was sitting in the kitchen at the table, staring off into nothing, face unhappy and quiet. "Is the tree right? I gave them money to make it right."

"It looks great, Mini. You hungry?"

"I could be, yeah."

He needed to get Jason something to do, something where he didn’t have to see.

He was going to have to call Doc. Jason had done his part to make it right. Now Bax would man up and do his, damn it.

"There’s enchiladas and stuff. You want to get plates?"

Jase stood, but shook his head. "No. I want you, Bax. I mean, not the fucking, you."

"Yeah." He went to his cowboy and held on. He didn’t know how to fix it, but he would or he’d kill someone trying. "It’s okay, Mini. We’ll figure shit. We always do."

And if they couldn’t, well, fuck, they had about a million cowboys more than willing to figure it for them. They were lucky that way.


Jason and Bax are the start of the Roughstock series with Blind Ride.


Katherine Halle said...

I Just marathoned parts 3-7 because LJ was dumb and posted the RSS feed all in one go >:( But oh these boys UGH I love them so much!!!

*happy sigh*

kaytee said...

I'm so glad they got their act together - we need MORE!!