Friday, December 13, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Thirteen -- Jason/Bax (part 6)

"Senor Scott? Supper is on the counter, the laundry is done and I’m heading out. I’ll be back on Monday at noon and every weekday, si?"

"Sounds good, Brenda." He reached out, hand patting Bax. "This is Andy, he lives here, too. Andy, This is Mrs. Garcia."

"Brenda, please. EZ is going to be coming too, to help out."

Jason nodded. Both Gramps and Dillon had agreed with Beau. They needed outside help with the weird shit and there wasn’t no shame in it.

Except there was, sorta.

A lot.

Still, he had to cowboy his ass up and get them folks to work and then he’d have to… learn stuff. Be useful and all.



Andy made the appropriate 'pleased to meet you' noises, then she was gone, leaving them on the front porch. "I hired her for the weekdays. I figured we can handle two days."

"Course we can." Bax took his hand. "I’m fucking sorry, Mini. That was shitty of me and I didn’t mean it."

"Sure you did. I’m broke dick."

"Bullshit you are!" The words exploded out of Bax. "You can  ride, you can play your guitar, you got money. Hell, you fool, you… you’re fucking MINE."

"No, you’re fucking me, remember? At least usually. You don’t love catching."

Bax’s teeth clacked together and then the laughter started, hard and wild. "Bastard. Asshat. Butthole."

Jason nodded, but he smiled and this time he felt it inside. "Yeah. But at least I’m not a turdmonkey like you."


Jason and Bax are the start of the Roughstock series with Blind Ride.

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