Thursday, December 12, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Twelve -- Jason/Bax (day 5)

Andy Baxter sat in his truck and stared.

He’d been gone all fucking day and now it was pitch black, except his house sure as shit wasn’t.

There was a carpet cleaning van with a hose in the front door, enough lights covering the house to signal aliens from outer space, a huge tree in the front window, and about three cars he’d never seen before.


Maybe Jason had set something on fire again.

He grabbed his phone and called his Jase.




"Where are you?"

"Sitting on the back porch waiting on you to come in. I heard your truck. Do you like the lights?"

"There’s lots, yeah. Who’s all the folks?"

"Brenda and EZ and their kids from down the road. She’s gonna be our housekeeper and he’s gonna help with fixin’ shit. The kids offered to clean the carpets."

Andy got out of the truck, headed to the house, more confused than irritated. "A housekeeper?"

"Uh-huh. So you don’t have to take care of things so much." Jason sighed and Andy could see the way those thin lips would tighten. "I know it’s no good, being stuck with me. This way you got less to do."

"Now, Mini…" He didn’t go inside; he just walked around, moving faster. "I don’t think that, not once."

"I just… I want to be a good thing."

"Oh, Mini." He turned the corner at a run. "Man, you’re the best thing, every time. I swear to God."

The very best thing, Christmas or not.


Jason and Bax are the start of the Roughstock series with Blind Ride.

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