Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Thirty One -- Will and Dean

They sat together on the sofa, TV on. 

It was weird, not having Dick Clark with the ball deal.

"You ever want to go out there for New Year’s Eve, cowboy?" Will asked, knowing the answer without even asking.

"Me?" Dean’s eyes went wide. "Oh, Christ, Ace, me with all them folks? I’d lose it, sure as shit. I like our New Years. The black-eyed peas are soaking, the ham’s ready for the smoker. We got beer and munchies and we can two-step, iff’n you want." One gnarled hand grabbed his, squeezed. "You want to head out next year. I’d do it, if you needed."

"Pshaw. I was just asking. You want to play cards for a bit? We still got twenty minutes and I don’t know any of the new music."

"That’s because we’re getting old, Ace." Dean looked about as satisfied as a cowboy could be.

"Couldn’t happen to better cowboys."

Happy New Year to them.


And to you. :D

Dean and Will’s story is Latigo.

Much love, y’all. My wish is a blessed 2014 for all.



Julia said...

I love them so. I cry every time I reread them

Katherine Halle said...

Awwwww I totally get how they feel :D

Happy New Year!!!