Monday, December 30, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Thirty -- Cord and Dakota

"Get up, little bear." 

Cord’s mate snorted and turned over, dragging the covers over him. Between losing his sight and hibernating, Kota wasn’t being the most jolly bear in history and, for the most part, Cord got it. 

He did.

Hell, he was sleeping nineteen hours a day himself.


"Get up. Santa came days ago and you didn’t come to…" See? Oh, that would start a fuss. "…open your goodies."


He pulled the cover off the plate of tea and honey buns with raspberries, the scent guaranteed to wake up a recalcitrant bear, and Kota’s eyes opened, nose wrinkling. "Did you open yours? I got you something. Luc helped."

"I was waiting for you, love." 

He would always wait. 

"Come have a treat with me. I need you."

Somehow the words got through, this time and Dakota sat up, stretched. 

Oh, Christmas could finally come.


Cord and Dakota appear in Cereus: Training