Sunday, December 29, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Twenty Nine -- Cian/Boone and Terry/Jackson

"Are they coming?" Boone paced from door to window. "They flew up, didn’t they? Aren’t they coming?"

"Boone." Cian’s voice was calm as still water. "Jackson said they were coming, they’ll be here."

"I’ve never been so long without seeing him, he’s part of my pack." And Cian was his Mate and he wanted them both for the holidays. Cian had promised.

"I know." Arms opened to him and he pounced, loving the way his vampire went 'oof'.

"Anybody home?" Jackson’s voice rang out, happy and cheerful as fuck.


He spun just in time for his best friend and pack mate to wrap around him, smelling of snow and pine and home and happiness.

They held on tight, rocking together, all the spots inside Boone made of missing Terry filling with a pop.

Oh, they’d come. They had, just like his Cian had promised.

Life was good.


Cian, Boone, Terry and Jackson appear in Cereus: Training.

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Katherine Halle said...

Everyone all together is always a good thing.