Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Twenty Five -- Coke/Dillon

Dillon woke up at six am, just so excited that he could barely breathe. Christmas.

It was Christmas.

He knew it was silly — he was well beyond the age of surprises and Coke was generous, but not the sneakiest man he’d ever met, to be honest. The man just asked him what he wanted, wrapped it, and put it under the tree, still...


"Coke! Coke, merry Christmas!" He reached out to wake his lover up and… Coke wasn’t there.




He slipped out of bed, the click-clack of Jerome’s claws following him immediately. "Coke? Babe? You okay?"

Dillon walked out into the front room and gasped. The tree was there, but with twice the lights on it, presents that he hadn’t even seen before stacked high. There was a table set, with dishes and cranberry bread and a carafe of coffee. Coke was in his chair wrapped in a blanket, sound asleep, holding Pansy by the collar to keep her in the Good Dog mode.  

"Quit staring at the table, evil girl."

Coke eyes popped open, unfocused and bloodshot. "All I got to do is start the bacon for Santa."

Dillon bust out laughing and pushed into Coke’s arms. "Merry Christmas to you, too, babe."



Coke and Dillon can be found in And a Smile


Katherine Halle said...

AWWWWW Oh my gosh, this made me all :DDDDDDD

BCagle said...

Loving getting to read all of these!! Is there anyway to get a list of what books these characters, from all the advent entries, are from? I've not read all your stories, so I am not sure who belongs to what. Thank you!

BA Tortuga said...

Excellent point! I'll put the stories everyone comes in at the bottom of the posts this afternoon. Thanks for the suggestion!