Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Twenty Four (MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE) -- Shane and Galen

"Len. Len, look." 

Shane was standing on the deck of Wade’s boat, staring up into the sky, eyes huge. 

He went to his lover, looking up too, eyes searching the inky black sky. "What, darlin’?"

"The stars. It’s like… It’s like God’s decorated with twinkly lights, man, just for you and me."

Galen’s heart clenched and he nodded. He’d buy that, especially with Shane in his arms, both of them in the middle of the ocean together, floating. How could the good Lord not celebrate?



Galen and Shane’s story starts in Rain and Whiskey

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Katherine Halle said...

aWWWWWW I think this might be my favorite :D