Monday, February 10, 2014

So, the Coastal Magic Con sounded great...

…and we missed it.


It snowed three inches here, so we inched our way to the airport Thursday morning.

The 830am flight became a 1020am flight became a 1045am flight became a noon flight. Our connection is at 345. We now have 15 minutes to make it across DFW. We boarded at 1215, pulled back from the gate and stopped.

Just  stopped.

The captain comes on. "Guys, the Dallas airport is backed up. They have to deice the planes and by the time the planes are deiced, they need fuel. We’ll be waiting here for an hour." 


We call American. They can’t rebook us right now. Please call back.

115 comes and goes. The captain says, "Another 45 minutes."

We call the airline. There is one flight with 2 seats left, leaving at 10pm, getting us into Daytona at 2am, but they can’t book it until we’ve missed the connection.

130pm, we hear. "It’s going to be at least another 3 hours here. If you want off the flight, please let us know."

We get off the plane, put our baggage claim in, and hear, "All flights to Dallas have been cancelled."


No con for us.

Stupid Dallas.

Stupid ice.


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Katherine Halle said...

OH NO :((((( HOw AWFUL :((((((( I'm so sorry that happened. And I thought us losing one day in New Orleans was bad, but to lose your ENTIRE vacay :(((( So much worse :(((