Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Random Facts About BA

10. I’m allergic to tons of things — nuts, wheat, soy, grass, 90% of toilet paper, cats, green dye, cardboard… Yes, you can be allergic to cardboard.

9. I went to art school.

8. I love mixing cocktails and I have a huge iron longhorn bar in the dining room.

7. I wear two kinds of shoes — Merrell clogs and Croc flip flops.

6. I love monster movies.

5. I am wearing a Kris Norris t-shirt today. I collect other authors’ t-shirts.

4. I’m built like a linebacker and from the back, my daddy, my babyiest sister, my Aunt D and me all look the basically the same.

3.  I talk to my people on the phone/facebook daily. Not all of them every day, but someone every day. 

2. For someone who hates moving, I do it a lot.

1. I not only believe in ghosts, they visit me, often.


Katherine Halle said...

10 things, I love learning 10 Random Facts :D

Moma Sue said...

And I knew all the things hugs