Monday, June 21, 2010

*bounces around happily*


I have signed contracts! I can squeal!

Resplendence is going to be the home for two new Roughstock books! These titles are m/f, one is novel length, the other is a longish novella.

Picking Roses is a sweet romance about Rose and Les -- Beau Lafitte is Rose's best friend and has been since she lost her husband, Timmy. Les is a bronc rider that sees Rose in Wyoming and falls hard. These two wrote themselves and are just dear to me.

Now, City/Country? Less sweet, more whoa with the hotness. Cotton (who my readers have met peripherally in the series) meets a gothy rockabilly girl during a photo shoot in Austin and discovers that girls with corsets and body piercings and tattoos are fun in bed. Em's going to be a big part in the series, so I'm tickled as all get out that their book's going to be available. :D

As soon as I get release dates and covers, y'all will be the first to know!

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