Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Allergies, the studio, writing, and Billy the Exterminator

Point one -- my eyes itch. Fiercely. My nose is runny, my head hurts, and I'm super-whiny redneck. *grins*

I do, however have iced coffee, eye drops, and Dayquil Sinus -- so there's hope.

Point two -- Julia and I have been reorganizing the studio of doom. I swear, when we started this 'the teenager has moved out so now we have a room to do art in' thing, it felt like that room was huge.


Now there are 4 sewing machines, quilting frames, paint, tools, yarn, fabric, wood, needles, thread, roving, foam, felt, books, magazines, beads, altered dolls...


On the good side, there. I *should* have my latest quilt quilted this weekend and can focus on binding it.

Point three -- MJ and Sonny are on track for their release. I have Ace Porter stealing the het universe (I allow myself to work on one m/m, one m/f, and one m/m/f at a time. And the menage -- OMG!HOT. Think two Aussie alpha male cowboys and a girl who decides she's not waiting for attention any more. There is a strap-on scene of joy. *grins*

Point the last -- I am in love with Billy the Exterminator. I grew up with people just like him and just like the people he helps. He makes me laugh -- no. No, he makes me *hoot*. I'm stupid addicted. *grins*

(Although I am honest enough to admit that a goodly part of the watching enjoyment is seeing Julia Talbot squeal and shudder at the bugs. *eg*)

*kisses all around*

How are y'all today?

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