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Sex Scene Saturday -- Shutter Speed (m/m, light spanking)

 Hey y'all!

Happiest of Saturdays, y'all! :D I decided to pull an older piece out today, with one of my favorite sets of boys -- Kelly and Garrick.

I'd be happy to offer a free ebook of this piece to one person who comments -- I'll make Julia pick a number. ;-)

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What follows is not safe for work. ;-)

"Home sweet room."

He'd been telling the truth -- there were images and lights, filters and camera boxes everywhere, along with his laptop and his futon, his TV tray by the bathroom sink with peanut butter, bread, chocolate. It wasn't much, but there weren't bugs and the quilts on the futon were clean.

Garret chuckled. "Looks like my college dorm, man. Evil flashback. Well, except we had saddles and ropes and shit, not camera stuff."

"Basically, yeah. Want a beer? There are some in the cooler."

"Nah." Before he could blink, Garret was on him, pushing him up against the wall by the little sink, hips grinding against his ass. "I'd rather not waste what time I got."

Kelly chuckled, pushed back. Romance, thy name was cowboy. Good thing he was all about the good, hard fuck.

"You got any rubbers hidden around the place, Green?" Man, someone had picked right up on his nickname, like psychically or something.

"I do." He reached, pulled out the drawer by the sink and grabbed the line of condoms that were waiting.

"Hot damn." Garret's mouth found the nape of his neck, hot and soft, those wide, well-shaped lips making him shiver.

"Uhn." His hips rolled back, spine arching like a cat in heat. "That's good. There."

"Uh-huh. Salty. Humid out there." The breath of laughter made his skin draw up in goose bumps. Or maybe it was the way those big hands pulled his shirt up to find his belly. Kelly sucked in, let those fingers push in under his waistband, feel the smooth, waxed skin above his straining cock.

"Sweet. Smooth as anything." The bright, sharp pain of Garret's teeth biting into his neck came right behind.

"Fuck me." It was less a request than an exclamation, but either way would work for him.

"I plan on it, man." Garret's hands pushed and tugged and Kelly's jeans slid down over his hips, easy as you please.

He kicked out of his biker boots, losing another three inches when he did. "Dude, is that going to work for us?"

He turned his head to look.

"You have a futon." Neatly spinning him around, Garret tugged off his shirt and kind of tossed him like... like a bale of hay or something. Kelly landed, ass in the air, thighs spreading. Good thing he had a sturdy one. "Now, that's a picture." He heard the thump of starched cloth hitting the floor, of cowboy boots hitting the wall.

He groaned, spread a little, hand working his cock.

"Don't get too far ahead of me, now." His ass got a hard slap. "You got any lube to go with the rubber?"

He stuttered, toes curling. "Damn." Kelly opened his mouth to answer, but nothing sensible came out.

"Come on, man. I'm hurtin' here." Biting. There was biting on his ass now.

"You... I... Damn." He scooted forward, searching around the edge of the futon. He was jacking off the other day...


Oh, there.


"Fucking A." Garret grabbed it from him, leaning over Kelly's back, heavy cock pushing up under his balls.

It was hot, that heavy cock rubbing up against him, working him. They sort of hung there for a few minutes, rubbing back and forth, their skin sliding together. Sweet. Kelly stretched, a low hum escaping him. Garret was solid, hard as a rock and like a wet dream behind him.

"Pretty, pretty man." One hand slid around again, cupping his hand, his cock, rolling everything together in a slow circle.

"You've got amazing hands." He could feel every callus.

"And you have the softest damned skin ever. I swear, I want to leave marks all over." Garret bit his shoulder, sucking the skin right up after, the sting hard and sure.

Kelly's fucking world was swinging, cock hard and dripping, balls tight. Garret finally pulled back a little, hands slipping back to hold his hips. One finally left his skin, and he could hear the tube of lube flipping open. Kelly waited, listening, half-wishing that he was shooting this so that he could look at it, over and over.

Panting, Garret leaned up to kiss the side of his neck. "You like it hard and fast or slow and easy on the prep?"

"If I say hard and fast, will it make me sound like a slut?"


Shutter Speed: A Roughstock Story

30 pages / 10250 words
ISBN: 978-1-60370-473-1, 1-60370-473-6
Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc
Kelly is used to spoiled rotten celebrities and jerks in his line of work as a photographer, especially in Nashville. When he meets Garret, a Texas bull rider, he figures the man is just another redneck with an attitude. Garret takes exception to Kelly's smart mouth, and proves Kelly right when he picks a fight.
Garret isn't sorry that he shut Kelly up, but when he gets to know a little more about the hot young artist, he decides it's time to cowboy up and apologize. He offers to take Kelly out for a beer, hoping that it might lead to more. Can Garret and Kelly learn to get along long enough to find some common ground?
Available at Torquere Press and All Romance Ebooks.
Author's Note: Another Roughstock story. This one happens in the middle of Season One.


Ladycelt said...

So, I love the scene, and the story - but what I really wanted to tell you was...I love the way you use y'all in your tweets and blog just feels like talking to a friend, y'know? I can "hear" that in my head...maybe its a "Texas" thing..

June M. said...

Very nice scene. I am definitely gonna have to get this one.

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Oh these two sound like a fun pair!

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Thanks for sharing!!

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Ladycelt: *beams* Thanks, darlin'. 'Y'all' is so much a part of me that I never think about it.

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