Monday, May 21, 2012

My Sonny Man :D

IMG 0222

This is my boy. 

He is the biggest, goofiest pup ever (and yes, he's named after *that* Sonny).

IMG 0301

He's messy (note the floor -- believe it or not, it had *just* been vacuumed).

IMG 0269

He's also kind of a slut. 


But he has a fabulous smile. :D

IMG 1212

And he was a stunningly sexy puppy.


Ladycelt said...

I'm sure I can see the resemblance in the second picture, and the one with the "smile"...but where is his "Precious" to fight with?

Donna said...

What a beautiful baby!

Katherine Halle said...

GAH these pictures are so good! I'm dying of the cute! I'm such a sucker for dogs :D

BA Tortuga said...

Ladycelt: *cackles* He has his sister.

BA Tortuga said...

Donna: Thank you! He's my soul basset. :D

BA Tortuga said...

Katherine: Oh, me too! Puppies are just my favorite things!

BA Tortuga said...
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