Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Excerpt from Walking on the Sun -- available tomorrow!

The pain of it curled him into a ball far too small for a guy his size. MJ, giving himself up to that crispy bastard, then going up in a blaze of fucking glory. For him.
It wasn’t fucking right. It wasn’t fucking right at all, MJ gone.
Fucking shit.
That had never been part of the deal. Never. MJ was supposed to take Sonny down and go on. All for one and one for MJ. That was how it worked.
This? This, Sonny couldn’t even take in. Couldn’t comprehend it.
No fucking way.
He pushed into the bathroom, washed his face, the cold water making him want to gag, to scream. Sonny avoided the mirror, not wanting to see. The window in the bathroom didn’t open, so he’d have to go out the hard way. Past the others.
“Here’s your water.” Paddy put the glass on the sink. “Are you hungry?”
“No.” The word came out flat. Harsh. “No. I just. I gotta go.”
“Fuck off!” Sonny slammed his hand against the wall, feeling something crack. “I don’t give a fuck. MJ’s dead!”
“No, he’s not.”


ElaineG said...

I can't wait for tomorrow *sigh* but I will ;)....I love Sonny and MJ

ElaineG said...


Got it, read it, looooved it! Totally rocked it BA! I think I may have to have a Sonny/MJ weekend so I can re-read the whole series!