Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking questions for next Friday's blog

Hey y'all! Have a question for me, I'll figure an answer! Want to know what's coming up? Want to know how I spend my day? My favorite coffee? Ask away!

One of commenters to today's post will receive a fun little goodie bag from me. I'll pick a winner and answer questions on Friday, October 2!


Jason said...! Do you like flavored or iced coffees or do you like your coffee more traditional? :)

~smooches~ Jase

Anonymous said...

You probably field this one all the time, but... how'd you fall into the whole writing gig? And what was the most useful advice anyone's ever given you (for writing, or anything else)?

Barbara said...

When will we see more of the Roughstock series?

Kathy said...

Do you find it difficult to switch back and forth between writing m/m and m/f? Do you prefer one genre over the other? I guess that's 2 questions LOL. I love you both your het and m/m books, btw.

kaytee said...

Do you follow a particular writing schedule everyday or just write as the mood strikes you?