Monday, October 4, 2010

Answering Your Questions :D

Jase asked:! Do you like flavored or iced coffees or do you like your coffee more traditional? :)

In the mornings I just want coffee. Straight up, black, strong. After noon, though, I love iced lattes. Unfortunately I am allergic to dairy and soy, so I have iced dark chocolate almond milk lattes every night as my pre-bed snack. :D

Liz asked: how'd you fall into the whole writing gig? And what was the most useful advice anyone's ever given you (for writing, or anything else)?

Believe it or not, I was a poet, first (which, let me tell you, does *not* meet my coffee budget), and publisher before I was a writer, professionally. My first full length novel was written in... 2006? I think. *grins* Julia Talbot, my partner, is a fabulous writer and she encouraged me to try my hand at romance. I was sold.

The most useful advice I've ever gotten is from my daddy, and it's my basic life motto: Don't be any dumber than you have to be.

Barbara asked: When will we see more of the Roughstock series?

Coke and Dillon's second novel is due out in early 2011. There are two m/f Roughstock novels coming out in 2011, as well. Jason and Bax will have their second book, the Brazilians will have their third, and the first in a trio of Taggart triplet novels are in the works. :D

Oh! And there's a m/m/f that I'm *this* close to finishing...

Kathy asked: Do you find it difficult to switch back and forth between writing m/m and m/f? Do you prefer one genre over the other?

I don't. In my head, the characters are what they are -- gay, straight, omnivorous -- I write their stories. (Although I admit, my editors have to *really* watch my pronouns, especially in the m/f. ;-)

I honestly don't prefer one over the other -- writing or reading. I grew up reading traditional romance, and I will always enjoy those books. That said, I have read a metric ton of m/m and I love it as well. I will say that contemporary western m/m/f is a delicious challenge right now, if for no other reason than it's work to discover how, in a cowboy scenario, the relationship works.


*asks Julia to pick a number from one to four*


Congrats Barbara! You won! If you'll email me at batortuga at batortuga dot com, I'll get your gift out. :D

Y'all have a fabulous day!


Kathy said...

I'm with you on the metric ton of m/m, and I also have a metric ton of m/f and every combination of menage.

Is the m/m/f you're working on now a cowboy book (crossing my fingers the answer is a yes). Because I am really looking forward to seeing how you make that scenario work in the cowboy world.

Thank you so much for answering our questions!

BA Tortuga said...

Yes, ma'am! What She Wants is firmly in the Roughstock universe (and has been a hot little number to work on -- cowboys, yum).