Saturday, February 4, 2012

I am not a member of RWA

I was, once, back in the the day when they flat out told m/m writers we weren't welcome. Back when ebooks weren't welcome. When starting your own publishing company because no one else would publish what you wrote was called running a 'vanity press', even when, like me, you published other people before you published your own work, you hired editors, and you paid royalties.

I kept my membership for a year, went to a single convention, and decided to leave.

I have never regretted that decision.

I periodically go back and look at the organization, which has absolutely made strides (thanks in a huge part to my fellow m/m writers who have more patience with politics and rules and jumping through hoops and playing games than this good old girl ever will and bless each and every one of them for it), and still say, no.

No, I'm not interested in paying to be in a situation where being a second class person is still an option, where chapters have the option to say no, no gay stories for us and where it's okay to wait for months to discuss it and decide if that's okay. This still, right now, is not an organization for my queer, pink-haired, tattooed, mm (and mmf and ff and mf) writing self.

Just sayin'.


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