Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Been writing like a mad fiend today and this has been my inspiration -- there's something about the depth of the image, the negative space. It satisfies my writer's soul and my photog soul. 

Okay, it's also hot as hell. Sue me. ;-)

Taking tomorrow off to potter around and rest (I'm fighting a nasty summer cold), then Friday is for writing again. Right now I have the second in the Cowbell, Book and Candle series working and I'm finishing up my co-write with Julia on the Cereus: The Opening stories.  I think, though, as soon as the Cereus doc is closed, I'm going to let some guys get their cowboy on. 

I need more chaps in my life. 

*kisses and love*


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Katherine Halle said...

Why yes that is VERY inspiring :D Have fun with the Chaps ;p