Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy June, y'all!

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Happy June, y'all.


Spent the whole weekend moving furniture and reorganizing the office and cleaning the garage. Let me tell you, I am so blasted sore... ;-)

The office looks nice, though. We (being Julia and me) went from two little desks to one big old vintage table. It's a little different, but nice. Instead of being back to back, we're facing each other. 

The only problem with the office move is that there is a huge blank spot where my eyes land. I foresee art in my immediate future.

Well, actually I see taking Julia to Dallas later this week to see Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw at the Brothers of the Sun concert for her birthday, but, you know...

Art might happen. 




Katherine Halle said...

OH I bet the table is nice tho. And ha ha art.

OH HAVE fun on the trip to Dallas :D

Shadow said...

:) I bet the table is a lot nicer! Definitely move for art! Any ideas of what your going to get?? Happy Birthday Julia! Hope you both have a blast at the concert! :)