Saturday, October 20, 2012

GRL -- Days 3 and 4

So, Friday, GRL Day 3, how you confounded me.


I woke up and fell in the bathroom (there was a terrible leak in the bathroom and water and crutches and...), then I crutch to the elevator and chat with Damon Suede, only to slip and fall again.

On Damon.


Being the total gentlemen he was, Damon helped me get to the lobby and sat down and I texted my sister, Kristi, to come help. (I was trying to let Julia sleep in.) We breakfasted downstairs (not with Andrew and Dom, which was sad, because they make me happy), then we headed to our trek downtown.

Torquere was hosting the lunch at the Wool Factory and everyone there was so dear, so kind. I swear, y'all EVERYONE showed up, even the folks that got dropped off at the wrong place for the lunch. Carol Lynne and Ethan Day had organized everything for Torquere, and they even had a plate of guacamole and sliced tomatoes, just for gluten free me.

I got to announce my resignation from Torquere, which made me a little teary. I have to tell y'all, though, I'm so proud that we've grown the business big enough and well enough that we have a general manager and I can step down and write full-time. Still... there were a lot of shocked faces and a few tears.

Kerry Freeman and Bella Leone were at our table and gave me hugs and held my hand. It was dear.

Kristi and Julia took me to CVS for more crutches and diet Sprite, then we came back to the hotel and got ready for our night.


Booze, steak, potato skins, cheesecake, Tiffany Mason, Kristi, Julia, Leigh Collette and me.

We laughed and gossiped, snorted and teased -- goodness, it was fun, and then the Resplendence karaoke party! OMG! Kerry and her lovely husband let us sit with them. Carol Lynne sang. Kerry sang. Erica sang Bohemian Rhapsody. I did sing, but from my chair and very drunkenly, because the doctor called me in the good drugs and I was doped up! There were nummy snacks, Cokes, and tons of books.

Too wonderful.

I slept in today (good drugs), set up the book signing table. Hugged my dearest Bella and her entourage goodbye. I got to sit across from Kelly and the Ellora's Cave table during the book signing. I signed about 20 books, sold quite a few and, best of all, got hugs and visits and squeals. Thanks so much to all the readers that came to see me, since I couldn't maneuver around to see them. If I did anything weird, remember I was on the good drugs.



OMG, the fun. We had an absolute blast! I mean it -- there were a good-sized group of us, bowling and applauding and signing books. Kiernan and I shared a team (She BOWLED-- with her broken foot and  everything! I am so impressed. That woman is hard core).

We came back to the hotel and just died. We're sitting on the sofa like giant blobs, staring at the TV and  drinking diet Sprite and leaning on each other. I hugged Kristi goodbye (I get to see her in a month). I have lunch with Ariel tomorrow and hugs with folks before flying home Monday.


Final con report tomorrow.

Much love,


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Katherine Halle said...

I'm so thrilled you're having such a good time and getting to spend all that time with all those people! Despite falling and having to get the 'good drugs' and I hope your last few days are just as good :D