Friday, November 30, 2012

Frosty Fiction Coming!

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Merry December, y'all!

Frosty Fiction goes every day in December, with a free ebook given away each day to a random commenter. 

The schedule?

December 1 -- Shane and Galen from the Stormy Weather series

December 2 -- Markus and Seb from Fighting Addiction

December 3 -- Stephanie, Jordan and Shaw from Mating Call

December 4 -- Lily and Marc from Deep in the Heart of Hexes

December 5 -- MJ and Sonny from the Road Trip series

December 6 -- Jason and Bax from the Roughstock series

December 7 -- Sam and Gus from Just Like Cats and Dogs

December 8 -- Sam, Kody and Mesa from Climbing the Ladder

December 9 -- Garret and Kelly from the Roughstock series

December 10 -- Beau and Sammy from the Roughstock series

December 11 -- Ty and Abe from Long Road Home

December 12 -- Joa, Balta and Raul from the Roughstock series

December 13 -- Danny and Quinn from Old Town New

December 14 -- Jeremy and Hollis from Living in Fast Forward

December 15 -- Dave and Amos from Stress Relief

December 16 -- Mik and Van from Cereus: Opening

December 17 -- Addie and Bodie from Mr. Unlucky

December 18 -- Max and Morgan from Oil and Water

December 19 -- Remy and Griff from Long, Black Cadillac

December 20 -- Canyon, Riana and Wend from Opening the Cage

December 21 -- Dale and Gen from Private Dances

December 22 -- Sara and Cal from Sara's Cowboy

December 23 -- Calleigh, Packer and Adrian from the Roughstock series

December 24 -- Gilead and Rian from Cereus: Opening

December 25 -- Coke and Dillon from the Roughstock series

December 26 -- Neal and Paddy from the Road Trip series

December 27 -- Cotton and Emmy from the Roughstock series

December 28 -- Will and Dean from Latigo

December 29 -- Stephen and Low from Hyacinth Club

December 30 -- Mariposa, Jesus, and Jonah from Chile Pepper

December 31 -- Knox and Issac from Timeless Hunger


Ho, ho, ho, y'all. :D

Much love,



Anonymous said...

*bounces like Tigger on uppers* Happy HoHoHo to us!! :D

Katherine Halle said...

I'm sorry I was distracted by the picture and his insanely blue eyes.

kaytee said...

You didn't really need our help, you have all the old favorites and new too. Now you just have to talk Julia into doing one too so we get a a dose of the Thatcher boys.

Ladycelt said...

Oh boy! Between you and @seanmichael, I'm gonna have to set an alarm on the phone - "reading time" - every day - so I don't miss anything!! Yay!!