Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Frosty Fiction is Coming

So, I was challenged by the big butthead that is my best friend (thanks Sean) to write a snippet a day for the month of December.

31 snippets, huh? About the holidays? 

Okay, fine. 

I'll start with Shane and Galen, but y'all need to help out. I'm talking prompts, requests, whathaveyou and there will be a snippet a day, just for y'all, starting Saturday. :D

Much love,



Katherine Halle said...

LOLLL that's awesome. Good for Sean. Hmmm prompts...I'll have to think of something.

Sean Michael said...

Big Butthead here. I want some Sebastian and Markus, some Galen and Shane, and let's not forget Coke and Dillon. Yep, a big butthead *and* greedy ;)

kaytee said...

You can go old school too - Danny and Quinn, Ty and Abe and Hollis and Jeremy. Oh and lets not forget Sonny and MJ.

Anonymous said...

Dave & Amos? Pleeeeaaasssse? Yeah, okay, I may have a problem. I may also have part of that book memorized.

BA Tortuga said...

Dave and Amos are scheduled for the 15th! Ty and Abe for the 11th, Danny/Quinn and Hollis and Jeremy on the 14th. I'll put out a full schedule tomorrow!