Monday, December 24, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 24: Gilead and Rian

“Do you celebrate the solstice, mate?” Rian balanced on his forearms, legs slowly lifting.

“Hmm? Yule?” Gilead watched him, lying on a mat on the floor, looking huge and shaggy even in human form. “I suppose I do.”

“How? Do you have a tree? Egg nog?”

“We have all the trees you could ask for.” Gilead rolled to his back, kicking his feet up in happy baby pose.

“Very nice. Should we get presents?”

“For who?” Gilead laughed, which told Rian his mate was teasing. “I got you something already. Daniel helped me.”

“Oh, good. I have something for you too.” Bedding. Lots of bedding. Gilead loved bedding.

“Then we will open presents together!” Gilead switched around to down dog, easy as pie.

“I can’t wait.” He slid down to plow.

Gilead watched him, nose quivering. Then his big mate did something that looked like dolphin, ending up nose to nose with him. “I could distract you.”

“I like distraction.” He licked at Gilead’s lips.

“Me, too! Can we do yoga together naked?”

“Of course.” He eased himself down. “You want to start now?”

“I do!” Gilead kissed him lightly. “Presents can wait for Yule.”

He pounced his mate, biting playfully before bounding off. “Come catch me!”

Gilead’s paws thundered on the floor behind him, that big body hurtling along after him. He grinned. When Gilead caught him he would get all the gifts he ever needed.

Which wouldn’t keep him from opening a Yuletide present. Rian couldn’t wait to see what an alpha old-forest wolf and a dragon thought was appropriate.


Gilead and Rian live in Cereus: Opening

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

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Donna said...

That's so cool! I love the Cereus books. Three of my favorite authors working together, writing in the genres that are closest to my heart, what's not to like!

Happy Holidays!

Katherine Halle said...

This made me LOLL

Anonymous said...

Woo sexy yoga for the win! :) Happy Christmas Eve to you too!