Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 26: Paddy and Neil

He liked the lights best. He sat in their little house and stared at them for hours, letting the reds and greens and purples hypnotize him, fascinate him.

They were the colors of laughter, Paddy thought. They made him smile, made his fingers itch to see if he could touch them and come away with dyed fingertips.

“Mmm. Here we go, love. Hot chocolate and cream buns and those cheeses and crackers you like.” Neil sat down next to him, placing a tray on the low table in front of the sofa. He would have called it a couch, but Neil always said sofa.

“You spoil me.” He leaned over, eyelids heavy, tingling from the lights.

“Do I? I think I merely do happy things for my lover.”

“Happy things.” He chuckled, moved into Neil’s lap. “I have you a present.”

A huge five pound bag of M&Ms, topped with a bow.

“I like presents.” Neil didn’t seem too worried about going and getting presents. Just sitting was good.

“I like you.” He closed his eyes and suddenly he was in Neil’s thoughts, the pattern prismatic, delicious.

Oh, he loved that. It was like looking at a kaleidoscope.

Magic. His Neil. Magical.

“My happy love.” Neil kissed his cheek, stroking his back.

“My Neil. Love. Dearest love.” He laughed, joy crashing through him. Neil always made him happy, but his lover adored Christmas, and that made all those glorious thoughts even brighter.

Neil made things...whole. Even things he never thought he’d find in himself again.

“You’re thinking too hard for a cheese plate, sweet.”

He cackled softly. “But there are crackers, too.”

“Mmm. Deep, those crisp breads.”

“Absolutely. Genius.”

They laughed together and it was quiet. Simple. right.



Paddy and Neil can be found in the Road Trip series. :D

Much love, y'all!



ElaineG said...

Well, I finally caught up with all your amazing Frosty Fiction....I went backwards and got to visit with Paddy and Neil YAY! Thanks so much BA for posting all these wonderful snippets into some of my favorite characters lives, I loved them all!

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! Of course, now I have the munchies big time! :)

Katherine Halle said...

awww this was lovely - and now I'm hungry LOL

Donna said...

My lover and I were once inspired by a cheese ball and all the places cheese can be spread and sampled. Thanks for bringing back that memory. :)