Saturday, December 29, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 29: Stephen and Low

The New Year was upon them and Stephen sat before the fire at the club, eyes watching the flames as he waited on his Scot to return from his familial obligations. The man had an unruly lot of cousins, mostly, more extended family than any Texan Stephen knew.

Francis Lowell was ignored by his family all year, but at this time of year, they all wanted something.

Stephen’s grandmother had passed on a few months ago and so he’d spent the holiday in her odd, rambling house, missing Low and drinking.

He would much rather do anything else, especially with Low.

He shifted, loosening his blasted cravat. Damnable Englishmen and their binding clothes.

“Oh, are you stripping for me, my love?”

He sat up, eyes searching out the beloved face that went with that voice. Low looked tired, but the smile Low kept just for him was there.

“My Scot.” A wave of pure relief flooded him.

“Hello, Stephen.” Low held out a hand to him.

“It is a joy to see you.” He took that offered hand. Please. Please say that there was a room reserved.

“Mmm. Good. You’re my reward for being such a good host. Shall we go upstairs?”

“Please. Now is a perfect time for me.”

“Good.” Low’s smile widened into something almost catlike. Cat with a mouse-like.

Stephen shivered and stood, gathering himself. He could only hope Low had something devilish in mind for him. He needed to drive out his demons.

Most specifically, he needed Low to drive them out.


Stephen and Low appear in Hyacinth Club.  :D


Much love, y'all!



Katherine Halle said...

*happy sigh*

Donna said...

This story sounds really interesting. I keep thinking I'm catching up on your stories, and then I find more.

As Martha would say,"It's a good thing."

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... you know, I have this book but I kept getting interrupted when I tried to read it. Need to pull it out again - Thanks! :D