Monday, December 3, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 3: Steph, Jordan and Shaw

"Jordan, did you get something for our girl?"

His mate looked over from the chair where Jordan was repairing snowshoes. "Huh?"

"It's December. Christmas? You know?" Their first holiday altogether as a threesome, as three wolves, as lovers. As family.

Jordan snorted. "She's a witch. She doesn't do Christmas."

"Everyone does Christmas!" Didn't they? Trees. Lights. Carols.

"Jewish people don't."

Shaw was going to bite Jordan, hard. "Steph's not Jewish."

"I know that. She's a witch."


"What baby?"

"Did you get Steph something. For. Christmas?"

"Nope." Jordan didn't even look at him, but Shaw could scent amusement.

"Boys, I'm home." Cinnamon. Stephanie smelled like cinnamon and ginger and citrus and...oh, yummy. "Busy day at the shop today. I brought gingerbread. Are there steaks?"

"Gingerbread?" He glared at Jordan. "As in Christmas cookies?"

"Christmas cookies, Yule cookies, holiday cookies. I just wanted gingerbread and lights. When are we putting up the tree? I love the lights."


"Tree's in the back, baby girl, just waiting for you to get home to decorate it. I even got you candy canes."

Shaw's mouth opened, closed, then opened again. "You suck."

Steph came to him, kissed him soundly. "So do you, Shaw. Hell, so do I? Wanna see?"

"Uh-huh." He spared a half glare at Jordan, but his mate just chuffed softly. 

"So easy to tease, baby."

He would have growled, but Steph was kissing him, loving him. 


It could wait for later -- after the sweets and the tree.



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Much love, y'all.



Katherine Halle said...

Oh this was fun :D

Anonymous said...

Awww this was cute! Dammit, you're gonna get me reading about girls again, aren't ya? :D

I don't actually have this book yet....