Monday, January 28, 2013


I've been dreaming about dragons for a couple of days. Usually that means a book's coming down the pike, but dragons? Not really my thing.

I guess I'll just keep dreaming until someone shows up and tries to hi-jack another Word doc.

Do y'all have recurring dreams? Do they ever mean something?

Much love, y'all,



Donna said...

I love dragons, partly because they aren't defined by any one story. It seems to me there is an artificial definition of many types of shifters or mythological creatures, and writers tend to basically stay within those boundaries.

But dragons? Wide open! Do what you will!

Yes to the dreams and yes to them having meaning.

Hope you are well and truly healthy now.


BA Tortuga said...

I love the...intelligence of them. And the fact that they're pure magic, because what's the sociology of magic, you know?

*geeks out*

Katherine Halle said...

Oh interesting - dreaming of dragons. They are such magical creatures. Hopefully whatever they portend is just as magical.