Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I Worked on this Week

*grins* We had ink and Julia's daddy's birthday, along with Valentine's Day this week, but the writing's going well.

Active writing (this week the same as last):
Tag Team: Fais Do Do -- m/m novel. 
The Terms of Release -- m/m novel. This one is eating my brain.
Hammer and Tongs -- m/m Western. 
m/m/f novel (co-write with Julia) -- fun, sexy menage. This one's still on hold until J and I hit some deadlines.
Catnipped (working title) -- m/m/f shifters, bdsm.

Started a paranormal short for an anthology. :D
In edits/rewrites:
The Four Horsemen: Ace and Kitty -- still waiting. O.o
Next up:
Same old, same old. ;-)
Much love, y'all.


Liz said...

Do you have ANY idea how distracting the pics along the sides are? LOL

Katherine Halle said...

Sounds like a very productive week :D