Saturday, June 22, 2013

What I Worked on this Week

So, solid writing week this week. Feels good to be at a normal keel. :D

Active Writing:

The Terms of Release -- angst, angst and more angst

Catnipped (working title) -- m/m/f shifters. Spanking is happening as we speak.

New West -- m/m, post-apocalyptic Western. This one is cracking me up.

Cereus: Training (co-write with Julia) -- Little Bear. OMG, bear shifters. BDSM BEAR SHIFTERS. Somebody hold me.


On hold:

m/m/f novel (co-write with Julia) -- fun, sexy menage. This one doesn't have a home or a deadline, so it keeps getting pushed back.


In edits/rewrites:

Hammer and Tongs: At proofing.

The Four Horsemen: Ace and Kitty: at beta

Fais Do Do: In rewrites.


Next week's plan?

I'm hoping to round the corner on Terms and break 20K on New West.


Much love, y'all.



Katherine Halle said...

OH can I say YAY to spanking? Oops, I guess my kinks are showing :D

OH and Angst and Post-Apocalypse - YES YES YES please :D

UGH I'm four weeks or more from getting into an even keel, but at least I've found a mostly stable writing time at my parents - early in the morning before anyone is up.

Keep up the great work!!!

BA Tortuga said...

Thank you, beautiful! :D