Monday, July 8, 2013

Canning -- Or Yeah, I Know I'm Weird

So, I'm one of those people with a pot that's only used for jams and jellies.

No, really.

Canning is one of those activities that I learned to do as a little girl and that I adore. I love the idea of knowing what's in my food, I love canning organic and local and seasonal.

More than any of that, I love experimenting. ;-)

It's cherry season, so I made maraschino cherries, cherry jam and cherry pie filling.

IMG 1421

IMG 1424

IMG 1434

I made some carrot cake jam -- next time I'm totally adding green chiles to this. :-D

IMG 1422

Also, it's blackberry season, so JELLY!

IMG 1418

And I got a lovely flat of strawberries and strawberry preserves are my favorite, so...

IMG 1419

About half of my haul. :D Lovely jars!

IMG 1432

I can't wait for apple season. 

Apple sauce. Apple jelly. Apple pie filling. Apple butter...


Much love, y'all.


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kaytee said...

No you are not weird, I just wish I had a good hand at canning. Do you share recipes? My sisters and I have been looking for a good apple butter recipe since my grandmother died and took her recipe (in her head) with her.